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George jones, ma, cac, lpc, licensed drug and alcohol addiction counselor, sober coachGeorge Jones has changed my life, if I had not met George when I did, I’m sure that I would still be addicted to drugs today or else probably dead.  I have known George for six years; and in that time, George Jones  has become my sponsor through N.A. and my friend. I know that I can always count on George to give me advice on any subject, George’s knowledge and insight into the disease of  addiction and just life itself is unparalleled, and much more than that, is that, he truly cares about people and easing the suffering that people who are addicted carry around with them in their hearts everyday.

My heart is free of that suffering today because of him.  I am and always will be truly grateful that he helped to free me from the bondage and suffering of addiction, that not only was destroying my life, but the lives of all the people around me. I know of many people that George has helped and they all say the same thing,  and that is that George truly has a gift from God, relating to and helping people to see the error of their ways, and setting them on a new path in life.

Story of Recovery from Pittsburgh, PA - Getting Sober / Getting Clean on the East Coast - George J

My name is Brad and I am writing this in hope to share with other addicts like myself that there is a chance at freedom from jails & institutions as well as the misery that comes with being caught up in the grips of active addiction.

I went from alcohol, to drugs, to prison, along the way I’ve been in numerous drug treatment programs some inside and some outside of the corrections system but what I didn’t know was that there was a another way to live. I was released from the county jail in June of 2009 and that’s when I met George Jones and he introduced me to what I now understand as recovery. After meeting and talking with George about Recovery and how to maintain it I decided to do as he suggested and got a support group and Sponsor and work the steps of recovery.

I started looking for employment and settled for a position with a fast food chain and shortly thereafter I enrolled in a diploma program at community college to be a drug and alcohol counselor which I have just successfully completed recently and I’m also working towards a degree in Social Work.

I still have the same sponsor I met through George and his program and my life has been improving dramatically as a result of what I have learned in this process. I maintain constant contact with George and he is always more than willing to help me help myself and on January 1 2011 I will have 2½ years clean from drugs & alcohol, And for that I am forever grateful.

Brad Anderson

Thank You George for all you have done, and continue to do for us and the Newcomer.

You are respected and appreciated, and will never be alone or forgotten. You HAVE made a difference in many otherwise lonely and miserable lives. Well PAR-TAY DOWN my brother! Well Done! We still need you more than ever.

Hugs and Blessings Always,
"Indiana" Joe
Pacific Cascade Region-NA, Oregon, USA

I have known George Jones for the past 23 years, not only as a professional but as a man and a friend. He not only helped me from his own experiences but through his ability to "lead by example" has been the most important aspect of our relationship.

He has taught me that the cycle of drugs, the streets, and prison can be broken. He has encouraged me to work through my fears and not, allow anger to control my life.

George has been a catalyst to live my life to the fullest. Moreover he has given me the greatest gift of all, the ability to help others that struggle with addiction as I once had.

Today I am able to be a loving and trusted member of my family, my friends and a productive member of society. It is with undying Gratitude that I write this letter.

David H. Jones
Two-Time Client / Lifetime Friend

It was Christmas Eve, 2004, and there was a little boy living in a 23 year old’s body walking into his mom’s house.  He wasn’t invited because heroin addiction had destroyed his life. It was freezing cold outside and he was going through horrible withdraw.  As he was walking in, he looked into the kitchen window where his whole family was just sitting down to eat a huge Christmas Eve dinner.  He felt empty inside and wondered what happened to his life.  As soon as he walked in, his mom didn’t greet him with the proud look and loving arms she once had before the disease of addiction had finally consumed his soul. Instead, she rushed him into the kitchen, got him a paper plate, while he noticed out of the corner of his eye that his aunts were hiding their purses.  They were doing this because they didn’t know he was coming, or else they already would have done so prior to his arrival.  His mother fixed him a plate, threw tin foil on the top, and sent him back on his way.  There are no words to describe how devastated that young man felt inside.

My name is Alex Biagiarelli. I am a recovering addict with 5 years and 11 months clean.  I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes and it’s one day before Christmas Eve 2010. That 23 year old who didn’t know how to use the values he was taught as a child was me. As fate would have it that was the last Christmas I had to ever feel that way again. I’m not saying George Jones has magic wands that got me clean and made me live with integrity.  However, I am saying that it took a divine intervention inside my soul for me to be humble enough to be taught, as well as shown by the harvest he was reaping in his own life.  I believe with all my heart and soul that George Jones is truly an Angel. Without whom I wouldn’t be clean at the present time.  It is truly a miracle that I was graced to have my path paved in the direction that led me to him.

Someone who should be writing this is my mom because she got her son back clean and living to the best of his abilities.  Lost dreams come to life around here.  I will be going to Hawaii in 2012 to marry my high school sweetheart whom I lost to active addiction in 1999.   Many battles of the soul I have won and many battles I have lost. No matter what the outcome I haven’t found it necessary to pick up a substance of any kind.  My foundation is as solid as a rock and it started with George teaching me to be a palm tree and build my recovery roots deep. That way when the storms of life come, I will bend but never break.

Finally, as I say this, George Jones was an integral part in my soul being saved and my recovery still today.  If you’re reading this and you can relate to feeling like there’s “no way out,” trust me, give yourself a break.  Lost dreams do come to life.

Alex Biagiarelli
A Grateful Recovering Addict

My name is Kevin, and I am a recovering addict. I have over 10 years clean, and I live in Hollywood, CA. I was blessed to hear George share his message of recovery through his experience, strength, and hope for the first time at a convention in April 2003 in Northern California. The message he carried was amazing to me, and I thanked him afterward. Due to George’s good nature and genuine concern for others, we exchanged phone numbers and quickly built a rapport.
 We stayed in contact with each other and George became a constant source of knowledge, experience, strength, wisdom, compassion, encouragement and inspiration.  We still meet up a few times a year at various conventions and continue to develop a deeper bond of friendship.

George has always been there for me, willing to talk and listen. George wasn't always my sponsor, but as fate would have it, on June 30th, 2006 my sponsor died. I was devastated. I remember how George always provided me with such great insight. He has an amazing ability to help people and get to the heart of the matter very quickly. I asked George and he has been my sponsor ever since. I admire him very much for the living example of recovery that he is to me and countless others.

There is no one man on this planet that I have more Love & Respect for than George J.

Kevin L
Greater Hollywood Area